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Turkey, which is also known as Ottoman Empire has been ruled by a Muslim Empire for over 600 years. As a result, the Turkish culture that can be found in today’s world has heavily been influenced by it.
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The Islamic influence on Turkey cannot just be limited to religious aspects. It can be found in architecture, law, education, music and all the other forms of art. Along with time, the Ottoman Empire declined, which resulted in the creation of Turkey. Even though Turkey is no longer called as the Ottoman Empire, you will be able to see the cultural influence created by it. The artifacts available to provide the above mentioned fact include the Turkish Tea Sets and Turkish Rags, which are striking and unique. According to historical information, the Ottoman Empire borrowed a lot of things from nearby nations. As a result, the culture that existed in the Ottoman Empire can be considered as a mix of cultures that were borrowed from other nations. This resulted in the development of a new and a unique culture. Even though it is highly influenced by Islam, you will be able to see distinct features of other religions within the Ottoman Empire culture. The Turkish Tea cups reflect that culture and you would love to purchase a set for your use. As mentioned earlier, the Turkish tea glasses are associated with Islamic Inscriptions. They come along with unique shapes as well. If you compare the Turkish Tea cups with the other tea cups that you can purchase from the market, you would see a clear difference in between them. If you are interested in purchasing some unique tea cups , this would be one of the best options available to consider about. The Turkish tea cups are thin at the middle, but you will be able to find a wider base. They come along with an attached lid and a thin spout. Moreover, you will be able to find curvaceous handles in these tea cups, which are associated with Islamic patterns and inscriptions. Most of the tea cups are made with brass and you can brew tea directly out of them. You would also love to keep these tea glasses in your cupboard because of their impressive look. All the Turkish tea sets are made by hand and special attention is paid towards every little detail as well. There is an excellent variety among Turkish tea cups as well. Therefore, you can browse the collection of tea cups that we have got and go for the best option out of them. We have got something for everyone in our collection and you would never get bored while browsing. All the Turkish tea glasses that we have in our collection feature the unique and distinctive features that Turkish tea cups should have. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before you purchase the glasses from our website. All of our tea sets available for daily use or special days. FairTurk is your professional resource for Turkish products with competitive prices and very quality service in Turkey. .