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As sensational Turkish tea can be on the taste buds, it is served in an equally stunning Turkish tea pot. People come from near and far for the intricate Turkish tea pots. With such delicate and sophisticated carvings and designs, the Turkish tea pot serves for a perfect gift or token of appreciation. The perfect housewarming gift Consider this colourful and vibrant handmade original copper Turkish tea pot kettle as a housewarming gift the next time one of your close friends or family moves into a new home. The brightly decorated Turkish tea pot could also double as a house decoration! The collector’s ideal birthday present collectors have identified the Turkish tea pot as personal favourite following the beautiful story which is associated with the exquisite design. If your dear sister or friend is a well-known tea pot kettle collector, why not opt for a gift in the form of a hand painted large copper Turkish tea pot in Samowar Style? Unique compared to most Turkish tea pot kettles, it appears as if two tea pot kettles are stacked on top of each other. Every tea lover’s dream come true as with two tea pots, one will never run out of tea! Sometimes, old is always gold Despite how intricate and outstanding Turkish tea pot kettle designs can be, the best ones are always the simpler, traditional designs. For people who treasure the simple things in life, the handmade thick copper vintage tea pot provides a homely and cultural element. Reminiscent of ancient Ottoman times, this classic design transports us back in time of Turkish history.
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