If you cannot complete your purchase and receive “Transaction Is Not Approved” etc. message,  it means your bank did not let you to pay this transaction.

Because some of American and European banks  apply extra security barriers transactions from Turkey.

Here is the solution;

We have 2 payment forms . Firstly please make sure you tried both of them.

To complete your purchase make sure billing name is same with credit cart’s owner name and billing address is exact address  with credit cart’s owner address even word for word .

And make sure again  your credit cart is available for international transactions. If it is not you should call your bank and confirm this transaction on the phone. After confirmation please try again to pay and they will let you to complete your order.

Thank you so much to support this boutique enterprise in Turkey  🙂


Any problem or question you can e-mail to contact@fairturk.com or use chat box.